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Tania Boa


Hi, I’m Tania Boa and I’m an interaction designer graduated at IUAV University of Venice.
I’m obsessed with geometry and I’m a pattern and typography lover. I get crazy for colorful kites, optical illusions, puns and ligatures.

I’m passionate about infographic design, data visualization and service design. I enjoy making sense of complex data and turning problems into simple interfaces.

I’m currently working at Interactive Things.


Feel free to contact me!
mail: tania.boa02@gmail.com
skype: tania.boa

You can find me on Linkedin, Vimeo, Issuu and Pinterest.

Download here my CV and just scroll down to enjoy my visual CV.


Fun Facts about me
  • When I was 13 I told my teacher there were few mistakes on my technical drawing book… and I was right!
  • At 16 I was finalist in a regional poetry competition.
  • In 2004 I won the National Volleyball Championship under 17… yeah!
  • I know how to make a good pizza… yes, my mom is a chef.
  • I got lost for an entire night in Venice… and it was intentional!
  • I like to spend my free time sewing bags and huge pillows.
  • My mission is to put order in the world (but not in my wardrobe).
  • My best quote is from Albert Einstein:
    “The wing structure of the hornet, in relation to its weight, is not suitable for flight, but he does not know this and flies anyway”.
  • To calculate my age: I’ve just started the second half of the first half of a century.
  • I have a personal theory about even numbers: 7593 is even, 322 is odd… does it make sense?
  • My favourite flower is a poppy, a big red poppy.
  • And the answer of course is always 42… don’t panic!