Tania Boa


an educational app about old counting tools

Q: How did people used to count in ancient time?

Iuav University of Venice
Science’s Philosophy course
date february 2012
prof. Simona Morini
team: Ornella Giau

counting methods_main

“…arithmetic has a very great and elevating effect, compelling the soul to reason about abstract number…”


the concept
The project is a concept app that let people experiencing some of the old counting methods that were used during the ancient time. The app also includes a few game-exercises to test a virtual reproductions of these old counting tools.

the project
All counting methods are divided into three main categories: finger counting, tally sticks and counting boards; in each of these section is then possible to find further different methods.
In each method section there is a visual reproduction of the tool used and the possibility to show how it works and further info and details (where and when it was used and some other facts). Every counting tool also offers the opportunity to test the method by starting an exercise that consist of doing simple arithmetic calculations.

my role
We started doing a research through books, articles and websites to understand the most important counting methods and we organized all informations in different categories. Then, I developed the app defining the structure and the wireframes and designing all the screens.

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