Tania Boa


a growing economy

Q: Is it really possible to grow economy from waste management and recycling?

Iuav University of Venice
Data Visualisation workshop
date january 2012
prof. Katerina Dolejsova
self made project


“We need to see waste as a resource – and to bury that resource in the ground is worse than short-sighted. …waste management and recycling can make a big contribution to economic growth and job creation”

_Environment Commissioner, Janez Potočnik_

the concept
In this double page for newspapers I want to analyze the italian situation about waste management and compare it with the ones from all the other european countries. The main purpose of this project is to understand if and how waste could be considered a resource and a business opportunity for Italy and Europe.

the project
Data are provided by EUROSTAT, ISTAT and ISPRA. The left page shows the amount of waste produced and recycled in the european countries and in all the italian regions; regarding Italy the map also shows authorized and unauthorized landfills.
In the right page I display the differences between waste management in Europe and Italy and I compare them with the Brandeburg example to explain, with some graphics, how this german region manage to do a lot of business just converting waste into resources. The graph also include some previsions for 2020 made by the European Commission.

my role
This is a self made project, I worked from the very beginning researching and collecting data which I later filtered and organised into a full story. Infographics, layout and the overall visual style is all done by me.